Baths & Soaks

The art of bathing has been around since the ancient Greeks and Romans. Since then and still today the natural healing properties of hydrotherapy have been used to treat illnesses and promote well-being. At European Medical Massage and Spa we continue this tradition with our hydro tub that includes a combination of 22 air, and hydro jets perfect for massaging aching muscles, and promoting relaxation. The use of these jet types and warm water causes deep muscle relaxation, and can help with some conditions including arthritis, rheumatism, poor circulation, and muscle pains in general. Some other benefits of hydrotherapy include detoxification, increased metabolic rate, and digestion activity, increased internal organ function, and boosting the immune system. We add any of the listed flavors below for added relief and a deeper level of relaxation. Our hydro-tub is included with the sauna in many of our packages to prepare the body for the massage to follow, and promote well-being after your visit, or can be added to any service. Ask us about our variety of bath flavors and their benefits.

Spa Service:

Hydro Bath Session

$50 1/2hr

Side by Side Hydro Bath Session for 2 People

$90 1/2hr